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Vi benytter os af ANSYS til FEA
FEA - Finite Element Analysis  service

Finite Element Analysis  (FEM/FEA)

FEA - Finite Element Analysis is an effective tool to verify the durability of the structure. This method is often time-saving when used with simple components and when calculating complex constructions, such as fatigue affected steel structures or materials such as fibreglass and plastic.

We offer

  • Strength analysis of steel, composite and plastic materials
  • Fatigue calculations
  • Dimensioning of composite structures, for example fibreglass
  • Optimization of existing structures
  • Strength Analysis and optimization of structures during the development process. (Simulation-Driven Product Development)
  • Self-Frequency Analysis
  • Documentation for authentication (DNV, GL, CE marking, etc.)


  • In the early part of a project you can get a quick indication of whether the structure in terms of intensity is on the right track. This can be supplemented with a final calculation report.
  • We are flexible and can work at your place of business on our equipment or solve the whole project at our place of business.
  • Cost-Effective Innovation. Calculations are performed concurrently with the construction process to reduce the cost of the prototypes.

We are using ANSYS for the FEA.Finite Element Analysis (FEM/FEA).