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Alle vores konstruktioner uanset størrelse vil blive risikovurderet
Vi anbefaler altid at jeres komponent bliver understøttet af en FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analisys)
Vi kan CE-mærke komplette anlæg, delkomponenter, maskiner, løfteudstyr og sikkerhedskomponenter
Alle vores konstruktører har indgående kendskab til Maskindirektivet 200642EC

At FRECON A/S we take great pride in that the solutions we create are safe and reliable. They will, of course, follow the regulatory requirements of the part of the world where the component is to be used.

Therefore we offer to prepare the necessary documentation for your tasks - large or small. And we can help with the preparation of the CE marking of your machines and components.

We offer complete solutions with full technical dossier or to be part of your team and work out the task in collaboration with your team.

We can CE mark complete installations, subassemblies, machinery, lifting equipment and safety components.

All our designs regardless of size will be risk assessed according to ISO 14121 and we always recommend that your component will be supported by an FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analisys) to ensure both you and us, that all the scenarios which the product will be exposed to is considered into design and solution.

All our design engineers have extensive knowledge of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and are continuously updated with new and existing national and international standards.

A typical CE marking with FRECON will proceed as follows:

  • In collaboration with you we create an overview of the challenges that might be
  • Collection of material (documents, calculations, drawings, diagrams, etc.).
  • Creates an overview of what needs to be done by documentation such as risk assessments, charts, manuals, operator instructions, assembly instructions, service instructions, maintenance schedules, etc.
  • Clarify what tasks that can be done by your team and what we need to solve for you.
  • Clarify what tools you have.
  • Figure out if we should have business and / or industrial-related courses with you in order for you to handle the Risk assessment and CE marking yourself.
  • construct utilities (templates etc.) to you / with you.
  • Support with consultant assistance on an hourly basis in separate projects (machinery / plant).

Furthermore, we have experience in providing engineering design for the U.S. market, where we ensure that both international and national regulations are adhered to.